"Drama stems from ignorance; Comedy from enlightenment." –Insung Hwang

Insung Hwang imdb

Insung Hwang, the Korean-American Filmmaker, has grown a cult following with his provocative Indy film, Justify. Hwang’s films have earned him a spot on IMDb’s “Best 50 Asian-American Filmmakers” list. His movies combine high-concept cinematic storytelling with relatable, down-to-earth characters, resulting in compelling and entertaining narratives.

Hwang pursued his passion for filmmaking and earn an M.F.A. in Film Production from Chapman University. He received the New Filmmaker Grant from Panavision for his 35mm short, Donnie’s Tree, and was also a Film Independent Fellow of 2006.

While Hwang’s film projects continue to grow, he has also established himself as a Producer of Digital Content at Warner Bros. Discovery, where he focuses on creating engaging content for DC Comics’ iconic characters and franchises. Hwang’s dedication to creating thought-provoking and entertaining stories has cemented his reputation as one of the most exciting emerging voices in contemporary cinema.