Cache Memory

An abandoned fashion model searches for his lover.

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Role: Writer / Director


Rick wakes up to find that his girlfriend left him in the middle of the night with only a cryptic voice message and a mysterious gift.

TRT: 8:06


There are three variations of this film which can be viewed on three different platforms.  Each is cast with one different actor.



Luca Riemma Rick
Olivia Hultgren Julie
Jonathan Weber Jules
Jennie Yee Julie Chang
Leddie Garcia Head Writer
Tricia Trippett Receptionist
Susan Archung Stranger in the Park
Max Buddy



Insung Hwang Writer, Director
John Ames Director of Photography
Tricia Trippett Production Manager
Leddie Garcia Sound Mixer
Susan Archung Makeup Artist
Peter Boyle Boom Operator
Monica Bedon Second Asssistant Camera
Lane Vélo Editor



Insung Hwang Executive Producer, Producer
Tricia Trippett Producer
John Ames Associate Producer


Special Thanks

Dong-Wook Cho
Randy Emata
Hama’s Dance Center
Film Independent