Tom proposes to his rising-star girlfriend who is late for her premiere.


With fellow filmmakers from L to R: Phinny Kiyomura, Fanshen Cox, Insung Hwang, Patricio Ginelsa

Role: Writer / Director

This Canon-sponsored film was part of the “Bring It” competition at the 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival highlighting “Festival Moments.” The event was produced by Fat Free Films and Effie Brown.

Tom proposes to his rising-star girlfriend who is late for her premiere.

5:24 TRT



Tom Rick Gifford
Janie Maureen Flannigan



Director, Camera, Writer Insung Hwang
Producers Film Independent
Canon USA
Fat Free Film
Duly Noted, Inc.
Assistant Producer Aimee Holguin
Music Henry Lim
Grip James Zhang


Special Thank You

Francisco Valesquez, Tim Smith, Joel Marshall and Kamal Marshall, Effie Brown