You've got mail. Again.

Role: Writer / Director

Cinematographer John Ames wanted to test the Sony F-55 in low-light conditions. I needed to clean out the spam in my in-box.  The end result is Tricia who is obsessed with her e-mail.  Shot loosely with a theme of detachment.

Showcased at VisionFest.

Camera: Sony F55
Resolution: 1080 extraction from 4k XAVC
Aspect Ratio: 2.35
Gamma: HG 7
ISO: 2500
White Balance: 3200
Lenses: Zeiss CP 21mm, 50mm, 85mm Nikkor 80-200mm
iPhone 4 

Tricia Tricia Trippett
Director Insung Hwang
Cinematographer John Ames